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Golden Leaf Spotlight on Paranormal Romance: Laura Welling


“Heir To The Pack” by Laura Welling (Self-published)

She put it all together and looked at him again. He was a glorious wild thing, lying on the floor like a pet. An enormous pet. With her toddler asleep on him as if he were no more than the family dog. This man-wolf-whatever, her former lover, the father of her son, this beautiful beast.

Annie sagged down on to the rug. “Words fail me,” she said.

His jaws opened, and she could have sworn the wolf laughed at her. He turned to nudge his nose at Jack.

“You want me to take him?” Wag. “All right.” She leaned forward and gathered still-sleeping Jack into her arms. When she sat back, Dash stood.

His midnight fur rippled. A shimmer swept over him, a wave of velvet darkness, and in less time than the wag of a tail, the wolf disappeared, replaced by Dash, sitting cross-legged on the rug. Naked, again, of course.

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Good luck to Laura and all our Golden Leaf finalists! Winners will be announced during the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Conference award ceremony on October 14, 2016.