Golden Leaf Spotlight on Paranormal Romance: Katrina Snow


“Forbidden” by Katrina Snow (KL Andersen)

Kate took in a long resolute breath and uttered, “Very well, collect your kiss.”

Bregovi’s left brow shot up, then a smile crept across his face. She worried he had caught onto her plan, but his lazy step forward reassured her he had not. Reaching as if to embrace him, she quickly pulled his rapier from its sheath.

Men on both sides cried out in alarm.

Bregovi grinned.

Kate wished he’d stop doing that. Smiling at her. On her sixth escape attempt, she’d met a dockworker with a sharp jaw, powerful build and grin that sparked wicked thoughts. No man had ever topped him. Until now. The bandit had the kind of face and form that drove sculptors to marble and maidens to sin. How annoying.

“Still want that kiss?” she asked, circling him, rapier at the ready.

“Absolutely,” he whispered in a husky tone, starting a slow circle of his own.

(Work is copyright of the author; may not be reused without permission.)

Good luck to Katrina and all our Golden Leaf finalists! Winners will be announced during the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Conference award ceremony on October 14, 2016.


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