Golden Leaf Spotlight on Paranormal Romance: Marissa Doyle


“Skin Deep” by Marissa Doyle (Self-published)

He had stopped rocking, but still stroked slow circles on the skin of her back and side. In the nighttime silence of the house, with his eyes closed, touch and scent suddenly seemed much bigger, more engrossing. Her skin was soft under his hand, and her hair under his cheek was smooth and so redolent of her—

She let go of his robe and slid her hand up his bare chest to his shoulder, then slowly down again, but tentatively, as if she were afraid he might protest, and he realized she too knew that if they let go, the moment would pass and they would never touch again.

“Alasdair,” she whispered, and he shivered as he felt her breath against the side of his throat. “Don’t you dare let me go.”

And then she reached up to turn his face to hers and kissed him.

(Work is copyright of the author; may not be reused without permission.)

Good luck to Marissa and all our Golden Leaf finalists! Winners will be announced during the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Conference award ceremony on October 14, 2016.

Today’s the LAST day to register for the conference. Visit for more information and to register. Registration is open until October 4th.

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