Golden Leaf Spotlight on Contemporary-Short: Brenda Harlen


“Two Doctors & a Baby” by Brenda Harlen (Harlequin Special Edition)

And then she was in his arms, so close to him that she could feel the heat emanating from his body. So close that every nerve ending in her body actually ached with wanting to be closer.

She forced herself to concentrate on the music and follow his lead, but the muscles in her legs were trembling and her head was spinning—


She tilted her head to look up at him. “What?”

“You’re not breathing,” he told her.

“Oh.” She managed to drag air into her lungs, which alleviated some of the dizziness. But at the same time, she inhaled the clean masculine scent that was uniquely Justin. Now her head was spinning for a different reason.

Yep, agreeing to dance with him hadn’t just been a bad idea, it had been a monumentally bad idea. And the song was barely half over.

(Work is copyright of the author; may not be reused without permission.)

Good luck to Brenda and all our Golden Leaf finalists! Winners will be announced during the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Conference award ceremony on October 14, 2016.

It’s not too late to register for the conference. Visit for more information and to register. Registration is open until October 4th.


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