In The Mind of Shiloh Walker – 30 Years of Happily Ever Afters

This week we’re jumping over the hump with our featured workshop presenter and editor, Shiloh Walker!

Shiloh will be giving a workshop at our conference in October. Draw Me A Story is just one of many fabulous workshops we have scheduled.

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Please welcome Shiloh!

How did you come up with the idea for Sweeter than Sin?

I was working on a trilogy and the idea for book 2, Sweeter than Sin, just sort of flowed from book 1, Deeper than Need.  Adam, the hero, is friends with the hero from book 1 and there are still things going on in town that all of them are caught up in.

How long did it take you to write Sweeter than Sin?

That would be hard to say…I think two months, but I wrote the book sort of as I was writing another one in the Secrets & Shadows series, because of how the timelines worked out, but I think it was roughly two months.

What was it about your book that made your editor want to buy it?

I told her I wanted to be a storyteller…she liked the idea of small-town contemporary suspense and that’s what I have fun with.

How much research did you conduct for Sweeter than Sin and what was the most interesting thing you did while conducting your research?

It’s based in a small town not too far from Louisville…Madison, Indiana.  That’s a real town and one I’m familiar with.  I spent some time in the town…and visited the winery, because totally, that is research.  I talked to a detective on the Madison police force because I had some questions about how a theoretical investigation would play out…other things? Can’t say because it would spoil the story for people.

What is your process for writing a book? For example, are you a plotter or a pantzer? Do you start at page 1 and write your book sequentially or do you skip around? Do you start with your characters or the plot?

By nature, I’m a pantzer.  I don’t like to plot out, but with romantic suspense, it’s easier, I’ve learned, to get things halfway worked through if I at least have a rough road map.  I don’t plot every chapter or even the high points, but I have a rough idea of the series arc, even if it’s only in my head.

I can only really write from beginning to end.  My stories almost always come from the characters—they have stories to tell me and sometimes, what I think they are telling me changes along the way, so going out of order would be a waste of time.

Why did you decide to become an author?

I’ve had stories in my head for as long as I can remember.  I played with a couple in elementary school, then again in seventh grade history class. From that time on, I never stopped.  I knew that all I wanted to do when I grew up was tell stories.

Okay, get ready, we have our rapid response portion. Don’t think about your answers, just say the first thing that comes to mind. Ready?  

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite number: 7

Favorite Actor: Tom Hiddleston

Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Wine or liquor? Why not both?

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Decaf or caffeinated? Caffeinated

Boxers or briefs? Those snug fitting boxers are the best

Chocolate or vanilla? Strawberry

Donald Duck or Goofy? Goofy

Frozen (the movie) or Tangled? I need to see Frozen ten more times to decide. <laughs!>

Channing Tatum or Johnny Depp? Depp all the way

Want to meet or attend Shiloh’s workshop? Make sure you check out the information on our conference at!

Registration closes October 4th!

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