Golden Leaf Hall of Fame Spotlight on Romantic Suspense: Dee Davis (Double Danger)

The annual NJRW “Put Your Heart in a Book” Conference is less than six weeks away! This year, we have two Golden Leaf Hall of Fame recipients. This achievement is awarded to a published author who has won three times in the same category. Presentation of the prestigious Hall of Fame award will be done during the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Conference award ceremony on October 17, 2014.

Over the next several days, we will spotlight these award-winning books.

Spotlight on Romantic Suspense: “Double Danger,” by Dee Davis (Grand Central), Golden Leaf winner 2013

Double Danger cover_low res

“You’ve always had my back.”  Simon leaned closer, framing her face with his hands.  Jillian tried to ignore the feel of his skin against hers, but memory surfaced, and she caught her breath, waiting.

“I just reacted in the moment,” she whispered.  “I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.”

The minute the words were out, she regretted them.  But he took them as an invitation, his lips closing on hers.  And for just a moment, she allowed herself the pleasure, the horrors of the last few days receding against the power of their attraction.

In the circle of his arms she felt safe.

And trapped.

She’d been here before.  And she knew the cost was too high.  She’d only just found herself again.  And she’d sworn that she wouldn’t let anyone take that away.  Not even Simon.

Especially not Simon.

(Work is copyright of the author; may not be reused without permission.)

If you missed it, check out our interview with Dee here.

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Catch an excerpt from Dark Deceptions here.

It’s not too late to register for the conference. Visit our website for more information. But hurry, registration closes October 4th!

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