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Another Reason to Join NJRW

“Come Into My World,” Said The Writer To The Reader. Speaker Janet Lane Walters will talk about world building for all authors and some of the things one has to consider when creating a world whether it is contemporary, historical or science fiction and fantasy. The workshop will consider such things as Tone, Settings, Characters, History and anything else that might occur to the speaker. Audience participation will happen, particularly during the presentation part.

Janet Lane Walters has been writing stories since the days of typewriters and carbon paper. First short stories published in 1968. She turned to novels when an editor remarked that her short story sounded like the synopsis for a novel. Since 1972, she has published 33 novels, and a dozen or so novellas plus four non-fiction books. She was a ghostwriter for a time. During the 1980s she took a dozen years to return to work as a nurse, earn a BA in English and a BS in Nursing. Janet returned to writing in 1993. She belongs to RWA, Hudson Valley and NJ Chapters, EPIC and Broad Universe. She is also a member of a critique group that started in 1990. Though the members have changed over the years she and one other member remain from those first days.

For those who wish to explore more, in the afternoon session Janet will listen, and discuss with those who want to bring in the first page of their current story, to see if your invitation into your world draws her in.